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KENEKS Therapy is a multidisciplinary speech, occupational, and physical therapy practice committed to providing excellent quality of care, services and support for children and adults.

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We strive to bring our families what matters most: a warm and inviting place where you will truly connect with everyone involved in your or your child’s therapy. You will see excellent progress as a result of our team’s dedication to each individual and their needs. 

Our patients’ families and caregivers are considered an essential part of the treatment team. Assessments and treatment plans include feedback from families, parents, and caregivers. You are the primary decision makers in yours or your loved one's treatment. You will be guided in understanding the areas of need and strengths, as well as, how to support and foster progress and growth including carryover across different settings.

KENEKS Therapy offers screenings, consultations, resources, comprehensive evaluations, personalized therapy intervention, family training sessions, and group treatment sessions for a wide variety of skill sets, delays, deficits, and disorders for every age group. We are conveniently located in Escondido, California. Both of our locations have been completely renovated to provide utmost comfort for our patients, families, and therapists. We have private therapy rooms, comfortable waiting area, private wifi for our clients, gym for occupational and physical therapy, bathroom facilities, and private parking.

Leaf Pattern Design


Working together to enrich and improve the quality of your life is our mission and goal!

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We'd love to hear from you!



 Fax: 760-317-4678

820 E. Ohio Ave

Escondido CA 92025



 Fax: 760-747-1270 

800 E. Ohio Ave

Escondido CA 92025

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